It’s imperative to address the root of evil

The call of Jesus to conversion is a call to change the way of thinking.

The Jews cultivate feelings of violence, vengeance, resentment against the oppressors. These are not are not the feelings of God. It is urgent that they review their position and renounce the confidence they place in the use of the sword. Unfortunately they are not prone to conversion and so, 40 years later, they will all perish (guilty and innocent) in a new massacre.

Jesus does not try to evade the problem; he proposes a different solution. He rejects the palliatives. He invites us to intervene at the root of evil. It is useless to pretend that one can change something by simply replacing those who hold power. If the newcomers do not have a new heart, not follow a different logic, everything remains as before. It would be like changing the actors of a show without changing the role that they must perform. That is why Jesus does not adhere to the explosion of collective outrage against Pilate. He calls us to conversion, proposes a change in mentality. Only people who have become different, one person with a new heart can build a new world. This is the ultimate solution.

From a reflection on the Gospel by Fernando Armellini, an Italian missionary and biblical scholar