The Lord knocks at the door - Who will answer?

What is the greatest joy and treasure we could possibly possess? The Lord Jesus promises that those who seek God and his kingdom first will not be disappointed (Luke 12:32, Matthew 6:33). The Lord Jesus offers us the greatest treasure possible - but we must first seek it and make it our true joy and possession above all else. We naturally want to have and keep whatever we think will bring us happiness, peace, and security. Jesus offers a priceless treasure and source of abundant joy and security that is worth selling all else for.
The priceless exchange and everlasting reward - Jesus warns that money and possessions will not last and can be taken away at any moment by a thief or by death itself. But there is one treasure which can never be lost or destroyed because it is kept secure by God himself. What is that treasure? It is the Lord himself and his kingdom of righteousness, peace, and joy in the Holy Spirit (Romans 14:17). This treasure is worth far more than anything we could possibly acquire on our own. If you make the Lord your treasure, then you will have in your possession the greatest source of joy and lasting peace and security. The wisdom of Scripture tells us, If the Almighty is your gold and your precious silver, then you will delight yourself in the Almighty, and will turn your face toward God (Job 22:25-26). Do you know the joy and happiness of making God your one and only true treasure and security?
The Lord knocks at our door - will we answer him? - If the Lord Jesus knocked on your door today would you be ready and eager to receive him? He wants us to be prepared for his coming - today, tomorrow, at the hour of our departure from this life (our death), and when he comes again at the end of this present world to to judge all living and dead. The Lord will reward those who have believed in him. The Lord Jesus knocks on the door of our heart each and every day. Do we listen to his word and receive it with trust and joy. The Lord calls to each of us and he says, "Listen! I am standing and knocking at your door. If you hear my voice and open the door, I will come in and we will eat together" (Revelations 3:20). Do you hunger for the Lord and for the treasure of his kingdom?
The Lord comes to reward his faithful servants - Jesus' parable has an important lesson for each one of us. Just as Jesus was faithful and ready to obey his Father in everything - even to the point of laying down his life on the cross for us, we, too are called to be faithful and obedient to the Lord's will for our lives. How can we grow in faithfulness and obedience to the Lord? The Lord gives us his Holy Spirit who frees us from pride and fear, so we can hear the Lord and embrace his way of love and faithfulness. If we fail, the Lord will not fail us. He gives strength to the weak and to those who turn to him with trust in his mercy and help. Ask the Lord Jesus to fill you with his Holy Spirit and with a holy desire to seek the Lord and his kingdom first above all else.

"Lord Jesus, you alone are my treasure and the joy of my heart. May there be nothing in this world that holds me back from giving you my all - you are my all, my life and joy now and forever."

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