What’s Wealth Really Worth?

Oscar Schindler was a rich man who learned the real value of wealth.
Schindler was a successful German factory owner during World War II. He made his wealth mostly by joining the Nazi party and exploiting Jewish workers.
But Schindler changed during the war. He became sickened by his complicity in Germany’s treatment of Jews. Eventually, he spent his fortune and went broke buying safety for about twelve hundred Jews who would have died in death camps. His story connects well with this week’s Gospel and its message about wealth.
First, our wealth should serve our relationships, not vice versa. Jesus isn’t advising us to act like the steward and use other people’s money dishonestly. Rather, he’s pointing out that we’ll find more security and meaning in life if we use our wealth generously for others. We’ll have less stuff than others, but our lives will be rich in relationships.
Second, we can’t claim the title Christian unless we consciously choose God as our Master. And that means we need to ask ourselves this basic question: I serve God, so how could God have me use my wealth, money, talent, and time?
That’s a tough question. But if you ask it daily in prayer, you’ll start to see the world and respond to it like Oscar Schindler did.
What might change in your life if you looked at your talent, time, and money like Oscar Schindler did?

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