Today’s Scripture readings offer us a standing invitation to the everlasting joy of the Heavenly banquet and a loving warning to stay ever ready for this Heavenly banquet by constantly wearing the wedding garment i.e., remaining in a state of grace. All three readings describe how a loving and providing God sees to it that there is abundant food for His people.
In today’s Gospel, by telling an allegoric parable of judgment in the Temple of Jerusalem two days before his arrest, Jesus accuses the Jewish religious and civil leaders of rejecting God’s invitation to the Heavenly banquet given through him, God’s Son. They have rejected the invitation by not listening to the Good News preached by Jesus and by not reforming their lives. This invitation was repeatedly extended to Israel through the prophets, including John the Baptist. But the leadership contemporary with Jesus rejected the reality that Jesus was the fulfillment of all prophecy, refused to accept God’s invitation to righteous living given through John the Baptist and through Jesus, and is now planning to kill God’s own Son, Jesus. Hence, God is inviting the sinners and Gentiles for His banquet, and that is why Jesus is keeping the company of sinners.

Excerpt from Fr. Tony Kadavil’s homily on Mt 22:1-14 available at;