The unfolding of God's plan of salvation though history has contained many surprises. Today’s Gospel surprises us by telling us that this final King would be born to an ordinary virgin, not by means of sexual relationship, but through the Holy Spirit, and that this Son of God, Jesus, would become a descendant of David. This would occur through Joseph, Mary’s betrothed husband and the legal father of her son, as Joseph was "of the House of David." The Gospel narrative also surprises us by reminding us that God’s promise is best fulfilled not in buildings, or even in great kings like Solomon, but rather in humble souls like Mary who trusted in God’s promise.
We need to say a courageous and generous “yes” to God: True obedience comes from a free choice made in the light of what is true and good. It often requires a great deal of courage because it can involve going against the tide of social expectations. True obedience also aims at putting oneself at the service of something/Someone that is greater than oneself by accepting what God clearly wants us to do or what He wants to do through us. It is by saying, with Jesus and Mary, a wholehearted and totally unconditional “Yes” to Jesus that he will be re-born in me or maybe even born in me for the first time. By my saying “Yes,” Jesus will be born or re-born in others too.

Excerpt from Fr. Tony Kadavil’s homily on LUKE 1:26-38 available at

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