Today’s gospel is a continuation of Jesus’ teaching on the sort of righteousness, the right relationship and justice, to which his followers are called in their living of the Law. The law of Moses (Exod 21:24, Lev 24:20 and Deut 19:21) included a law of retaliation designed to make punishment for wrongdoing to persons or property proportionate to the offence. It was quite enlightened legislation at the time. In a series of striking images, Jesus invites his followers to go far beyond the strict application of the law and to embrace a new way of thinking about and acting towards those who injure them/us.
Relinquishing your right to compensation is one thing. Giving more of your property to one who has stolen from you is quite another. Do we take this teaching literally or do we simply embrace the spirit of non-retaliation that seems to be at the heart of this teaching? A too-easy amnesty does not always bring justice. Last week’s gospel reminded us that there is to be no place for uncontrolled anger or murderous thoughts in our hearts. Both that teaching and this seem to be about taking responsibility for how we live. Harbouring anger can have disastrous consequences for oneself as well as for others. It tends to skew our capacity for right judgement. What happens to us may be beyond our control. What we do with what comes our way is for us to decide. Jesus makes it clear that we have choices in the face of life’s struggles. The disciple is called to choose the way of assuming personal responsibility and refusing the way of retaliation.

Excerpts from the Gospel reflection written by Sr. Veronica Dawson, rsm.  www.catholicrelegiosaustralia.org.