Initially after the resurrection, the friends and followers of Jesus went in to hiding for fear of their lives. They had seen their close friend and Master betrayed, denied, condemned and crucified. They had lost all heart. But eventually they began to find the courage and strength to believe in Jesus and in themselves. Jesus had appeared to them several times to strengthen and encourage them. So they began to go into the streets and villages and proclaim the good news of the resurrection. They began to preach, heal and teach. They did not do any of this by themselves. They were filled with the Spirit of the risen Jesus. The followers of Jesus lay their hands on the people and they receive the Holy Spirit.
When we were baptised, we too had hands laid on us. We were given a name, we were anointed and we were filled with the gift of the exact same Holy Spirit. This simple but profound ritual was repeated when we celebrated our Confirmation. We were sealed with the gift of the Holy Spirit. Just as the first followers of Jesus proclaimed and announced the good news of his resurrection, we in our time and in our way are called to do the same. Today, we are the people who are called to be witnesses and messengers of the resurrection. We do this in our homes, our communities and in our workplaces; wherever and however we can.

Excerpted from the Gospel Reflection of Michael Moore OMI

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