So many times in a single day we are given the chance to share the love of God, but often we are so afraid of what others may think that we put it aside. We let our thoughts get in the way of actions that could possibly save a life for Christ. Sometimes we just have to break out of our shell and let others know the greatness of God. Witnessing can be a smile that lets others know someone cares, or it may be actually sitting down and telling others about the gospel story.
This week’s gospel passage has become known as Jesus’ Great Commission – his final instructions to his followers. After the events of Jesus’ death and resurrection, the disciples probably wished they had listened more closely and carefully to what Jesus had to say. Undoubtedly, they were listening carefully by this time: and so should we!
Jesus challenged his disciples with a commission, kind of like a job assignment. The disciples were to spread Jesus’ message to the entire earth, making new disciples. And the best part was, the disciples didn’t have to go alone. The Holy Spirit would be with them all the way.
Jesus’ Great Commission is our calling too. The message of God’s love and forgiveness is for people of all nations. But we don’t have to travel far – our jobs starts right at our front door with our friends, families, and neighbours. The job requirements? Someone who’s willing to speak up about God’s incredible love.

Excerpted from GPBS Gospel Connection available at

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