The fourth Sunday after Easter is traditionally known as ‘Good Shepherd Sunday’. For those of us who live in rural areas, a shepherd and his dog are a familiar sight. In the Middle East, however, a shepherd does not use dogs, he walks ahead of the flock and the sheep follow him. They recognise his voice.
From the earliest times – even in the Catacombs, the Church has used the image of Christ as the Good Shepherd. At that time the shepherd’s care for his sheep was personalised – he knew each by name – a fine model for the love of Jesus for his disciples, and for each of us.
The gate of the sheepfold was a symbol of unity among divided Christians – quite an issue for John’s followers – and again for us. ‘The shepherd of Israel’ is one of the Old Testament images of God who led them his people out of slavery into the green pastures of the promised land.

Excerpted from the Gospel Reflection by Pathways To God available at

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