This week we celebrate Pentecost, the day when the first Apostles realised that God’s Spirit was with them. The Gospel tells this story by recalling how Jesus gave his Apostles the Holy Spirit with a breath. Scripture scholars say that our ancestors described the Spirit of God as a breath or breeze because the wind was one of the most powerful and mysterious forces they witnessed. Just like God’s Spirit, it could tear down or refresh, and they could never control it.
Although we can’t control the Holy Spirit, we can still take advantage of its power. It can refresh us when fear, uncertainties, or broken relationships wear us out. It shakes us up when we’ve done something wrong. It can give us power to stand for justice by doing things like serving the poor, stopping gossip, and marching for peace. It can lead us on adventures.
Here’s an example. Sarah never dreamed of working in ministry when she was at university. One day her former youth minister dragged her to a conference on youth ministry. She went reluctantly. But some things the speaker said stuck with her, and soon she felt something pushing her in a new direction. Though she resisted at first, she eventually gave in and now works as a parish youth minister, helping young people connect with the Spirit that led her to them and has made her life so exciting.
How do you respond to this sacred wind? The Holy Spirit enters your life through prayer, the Scriptures, the sacraments and people who care for you. You can feel it’s breeze when your conscience stirs, your dreams soar or your heart aches for someone in pain. Be willing to let the Spirit take you where God wants, as the Apostles did. Don’t bundle up against it. Let it carry you on an adventure.

Excerpted from GPBS Gospel Connection available at

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