In this week’s Gospel, Jesus tells us that discipleship requires serious sacrifice. It costs
to follow Jesus. You have to forgive, to care for your enemies, to give your time, to
share your money, to do the right thing when it’s not popular. Discipleship might even
seem like an impossible challenge at times.
But living as a disciple is like training for a race. Little sacrifices help train you for
bigger ones. Practice as a Christian builds up your strength. Give a little time regularly
to others. Forgive people for little hurts. Be honest in small matters. The more you
make little sacrifices, the easier it will be to make bigger ones in the future – sacrifices
that might make a big difference in the world. Don’t get discouraged when you seem
to fail. Just keep training. And look to your loving, forgiving coach – Jesus – who wants to guide and encourage you.

Excerpt from Gospel Connection of GPBS available at www.gpbs.com.au

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