There’s some real wisdom in this week’s Gospel. Jesus used a lot of farming examples, because many of the people who followed him lived off the land. This week he compares the word of God to a seed that needs fertile ground to take root.
Here are some important points from that comparison. First, God seeds the world with
the divine word. God’s word is powerful. Like a seed, it has all it needs to grow in our
lives and bear fruit that will change us and the world around us. We don’t have to worry
about figuring out a way to live a happy life. The word will guide us to that.
Second, we only need to make our lives fertile ground for the word. God’s strength and
wisdom will naturally grow in us over time. That’s good news because, like a plant, the
word needs time to grow in us. Don’t worry about being perfect. You are going to do
wrong things. You’ll back down at the wrong times. You’ll hurt people at times. But if
you let God’s word grow in you as you grow older, you’ll find yourself falling less often,
standing up for what’s right more often, and making fewer mistakes that hurt people.
Say sorry when you need to. Repair relationships when you make mistakes. But be patient with yourself as you continue to develop into a mature disciple. Keep trying. And keep your soul fertile by reading the word regularly, going to Mass and serving those who suffer in our world. Someday you’ll be amazed at what God has planted in you.

Excerpt from Gospel Connection of GPBS

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