This coming week we are reminded that however hard we may find it to pray, the Lord always knows what we need to say. It is God’s own Spirit that prays within our hearts.
The first reading addresses God directly as the all-powerful one who cares for everything he has made. Though he is the God of strength and justice, he is also lenient and merciful – and so we, too, must try to act with kindness, even when we are challenged. The psalmist praises the Lord’s goodness and mighty deeds, yet again reminds us that he is slow to anger. We can ask our loving, compassionate God to turn to us whenever we are in need.
The second reading offers us great hope, for it assures us that we can hand over to the Lord any struggles we experience in prayer. St Paul tells of the indwelling Spirit of God, who prays within each one of us whether we can find the right words or not. Jesus tells three parables about growth in the Gospel. In the first, someone has sabotaged a field of good wheat by planting darnel (weeds). Yet Jesus invites us to think carefully and be patient. If we hurry to pull out the weeds we might end up sacrificing the whole crop, instead of allowing God to work in his own time.

Excerpt from Gospel Reflections based on Prego by St Bueno's Outreach in Diocese of Wrexham available at www.australiancatholics.com.au