This week’s readings speak of our need to entrust all that we are and all that we do, to our God who will guide and help us.
The First Reading speaks of our joy in the power of the Lord to overcome war and violence, and bring the peace of his kingdom. We pray for the gentle and humble way of proceeding that is God’s way for us.
St Paul (Second Reading) reminds us that the Holy Spirit living within us will give us life and show us the way to live.
Jesus speaks of the need to come to him with a child-like trust: he knows we cannot understand or fulfil all that he asks of us in our own strength (Gospel). We may try, but find our labouring is burdensome. Instead, as we go about our daily tasks this week, we begin by quietly entrusting ourselves to the Lord, asking him to reveal to us all that is required for today. If we allow ourselves to rest in the Lord, trusting him for one step at a time, we will find his way is easy and light, and full of joy.

Excerpt from Gospel Reflection based on Prego by St Bueno's Outreach in Diocese of Wrexham available at;