Be careful what you reach for when you are hurting or fearful. That’s an important message from today’s Gospel. Peter finds himself sinking in a storm. He reaches out to Jesus, who brings him to safety. We have no control over what storms burst in our lives. But we do have control
over who or what we reach for when the storms come. Like Peter, we’ll find ourselves sinking if we take our focus off Jesus during those tough times. And like the homeless addict I met, we might make mistakes that hurt us for years to come.
Young people are vulnerable to lots of storms – pain and hurt they just can’t avoid or control. Many live in abusive homes or with alcoholic parents. Many suffer in poverty. Many hurt from friends who betray them. Many feel unyielding pressure from parents, teachers, or coaches to excel.
If any of that is true of you, reach out to Jesus for help. Turn away from some things others might choose, like isolation, cutting, drugs, sex, or violence. Strengthen your prayer life. Don’t miss Mass. Talk with someone you trust. Open up at youth group. Like Peter, you’ll find Jesus offering you strength, peace, and a way to safety.

Excerpt from Gospel Connection of GPBS

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