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Our faith is based on a living covenant with the God of compassion and love. Christ invites us to be drawn deeper into the flow of this eternal covenant of love. The first reading from the book of Ecclesiasticus urges us to let go of anger, hate and resentment. True forgiveness from our heart will set us free from these destructive urges.
Today's psalm is a song of thanks and celebration of God's healing love. God crowns us with a compassionate love that liberates us from fear and guilt. St Paul, in his letter to the Romans (second reading), teaches us that as Christians, the life we live has a profound impact on others. We belong to the Lord both in life and in death.
The challenging parable on forgiveness in today's Gospel reminds us that God has an immense capacity to forgive us our sins. It is only if we choose not to forgive that we will cut ourselves off from the flow of compassion and love that comes from God.
In this coming week, let us pray for each other, that we might have the grace to be set free from anything that holds us back from fully embracing God's forgiveness.

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