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This week’s readings make it clear that discipleship isn’t easy. But they also reassure us that the cost of following Jesus is always a cost worth paying. Even when taking up our cross brings real suffering, God is there, offering us something far greater – the promise of life in all its fullness.
Today’s Gospel moves on from previous weeks by speaking of Jerusalem and the cross. Jesus warns the disciples that he must suffer, and Peter is rebuked when he tries to dissuade him.
Following Jesus now means letting go of our own self-centered lives, but in doing so we become open to a new and much fuller life of love and freedom, lived in the Lord.
We might pray this week to be ever more open to Jesus’s call to us to help him carry the cross, and we ask him to help us respond to that call with joy and generosity.

Excerpt from Reflection based on Prego by St Beuno’s Outreach in the Diocese of Wrexham available in www.australiancatholics.com.au