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Today’s Scripture passages warn us that it is our final decision for or against God, that is, our choosing to obey Him gracefully by doing His will or our choosing to go against His will, which will decide our eternal reward or eternal punishment. As free beings, it is we who choose our eternal destiny.
In the parable in today’s Gospel, a man with two sons tells both to go out to work in the vineyard. The first son says he won’t go, but later regrets it and works. The second son says he will go but does not. In each case, it is the final decision that is more important. Jesus teaches through this short parable that repentant tax-collectors and prostitutes, represented by the first son who initially refused to go, will make their way into the Kingdom of God before the chief priests and the elders, represented by the second son in the parable. By their pride and their refusal to obey God's call to repentance, the scribes and the Pharisees are excluding themselves, while the tax-collectors and sinners whom they despised are repenting of their sins and will be accepted into God's Kingdom.

Excerpt from Fr. Tony Kadavil’s homily on Mt 21: 28-32 available at

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