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Too many people sit in pain and anger after an argument – or after they hear that someone has publicly dissed them. That pain and that anger bind us. They eat up our energy, keep us from focussing on school or work, and make us toss and turn at night.
In this week’s Gospel, Jesus offers a recipe for freedom – confront the person who hurt you. The early Christians sinned against one another in a variety of ways. Matthew included this teaching from Jesus, possibly as advice for them. First, talk about your conflict one on one. If that doesn’t help, find an objective person who might help you work things out. If that still doesn’t work, you might have to end the relationship.
You can use that advice too. When people hurt you, face them and express your feelings without attacking or insulting them. Sometimes people don’t even know they’ve done something hurtful until you confront them. If the people who hurt you won’t listen, look for someone who’s objective, maybe an adult, to help mediate. Sometimes that can help.
Unfortunately, sometimes you’ll come across stubborn people who just can’t admit they’re  wrong. Rather than continue letting them hurt you, move on to other friendships. You deserve better.
This week resolve to face conflicts head on. As Jesus says, you’ll not only free yourself but you’ll also probably be helping the person who hurt you.

Excerpt from Gospel Connection of GPBS