‘Go and sell whatever you have and come follow me’ ~ Mark 10:17-30

‘Go and sell whatever you have and come follow me’ ~ Mark 10:17-30

Today’s readings remind us that should not possess anything in our life that we refuse to surrender to the Lord. In reality, these things often possess us, and we become the prisoners of our possessions. What we have really done is to give our “things” top priority in our lives. Thus, we violate the First Great Commandment, which demands that we give absolute and unconditional priority to God.

In today’s Gospel, we find three sections: a narrative about Jesus’ encounter with a rich man, Jesus’ sayings about wealth as a possible obstacle to following him and Jesus’ promise of reward for those who share their material possessions with the needy.

We need to accept the invitation to generous sharing. Jesus was so generous that he gave us his very self. Hence, there should be a desire to give in the heart of every Christian. God does not ask us to give up our riches, but he does ask us to use them wisely in His service. We must manage our possessions wisely, so that they do not gain control over our hearts. God gives us time, talents and riches that we may use them in the service of others.

Excerpted from the homily of Fr Tony Kadavil available at http://frtonyshomilies.com