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We are living in a world where people of all races and creeds hunger more for spiritual sustenance than for physical food. In response to the spiritual hunger of people in his own day, and to us as well, Jesus proclaims himself as the new and perfect manna, the Incarnate Son of God literally “the Bread of Life that came down from Heaven.” This means that by the Holy Eucharist, Jesus actually gives us a share of eternal life while we are still on earth. However, some of Jesus’ followers would turn away when he explained the source of his mysterious power and his Heavenly origin.
Let us accept the challenge to become bread and drink for others: “You are what you eat?” Let us recognize that Jesus whom we consume in the Holy Eucharist is actually God who assimilates us into His being. Then, from Sunday to Saturday, we will grow into Jesus, as Jesus grows in us, our lives will be transformed by the power of the Holy Spirit, and we will become more like Jesus. Thus, we shall share in the joyous and challenging life of being the Body of Christ for the world – Bread for a hungry world, and Drink for those who thirst for justice, peace, fullness of life, and even eternal life. In other words, the Eucharist challenges us to sacrifice ourselves for others, as Christ has done for all of us.

Excerpted from the homily of Fr Tony Kadavil available at

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