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The Sacred Scriptures that are proclaimed at Mass recall incidents from the past and point to the future but most especially they affirm the presence of God among us now. This day we are called to bring Good News to the poor and freedom to all who are bound up in any way.

Today’s readings challenge us to hear, read and put into practice the saving and liberating word of God, thus transforming our lives and to convey the salvation and liberation of Christ to others around us through our renewed lives.

As members of Christ’s Mystical Body, we share in the freeing, saving mission of Jesus. But we are captives of sin. We need Christ to set us free. We are often blinded by our evil habits, addictions and need for financial security. Once we receive true liberation from Christ, we have to share it with those we encounter in our daily lives, families, neighbourhoods, parishes and workplaces.

Source: Excerpted from St Pauls Sunday Missal page 839, Gospel reflection by Fr Tony Kadavil available at

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