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Many of us call Thomas one of our favourite gospel people! He was a man who did not ‘mess about’ with his faith. He found faith in the risen Lord hard to take and let others know. He had often been a bit doubtful earlier – his solution to the prophecy of Jesus;’ death was that he should to go and die and get it done with!

I like him too because he did not get it right always! While his doubting is understandable, he also messed things up. He thought he could go it alone! He left the group and so missed the appearance of the risen Lord.

He messed it up in another way – he looked for touchable proof. He would not only sense the wounds of Christ but would touch them. Jesus took him at his word and said, ‘touch my wounds, Thomas’. Nowhere in the gospel of today does it say Thomas did in fact touch Jesus’ wounds. Our faith in Jesus is deeper than touch and all he said on meeting the Lord was, ‘my Lord and my God’. Our faith, our doubts and our hopes can be put in perspective by Thomas.

May the risen Christ come to us, as he came to Thomas, and strengthen our faith. May we in turn express our faith by being ambassadors of mercy and reconciliation.

Source: Excerpts from the Gospel reflection of Fr Donal Neary SJ, Editor of the Sacred Heart Messenger Magazine