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The apostles faced much opposition as they proclaimed the Good News of Christ. Since then, many Christians have suffered martyrdom in great persecutions. Today’s Scripture readings make reference to such difficulties but they also offer a firm message of hope and consolation. The faithful followers of Jesus, those who listen to his voice, will have eternal life. They will never be lost forever or destroyed by evil forces. (Excerpts from St Pauls Sunday Missal © 2012)

Today is the World Day of Vocations. Pope Francis tells us: There can be no greater joy than to risk one’s life for the Lord! I would like to say this especially to you, the young. Do not be deaf to the Lord’s call. If he calls you to follow this path, do not pull your oars into the boat, but trust him. Let us pray for the young people in our community, and in our families and circle of friends. May our prayers help them to be open to the Lord’s call to consecrated life or priesthood.