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The Liturgy this Sunday takes us to the very heart of how we are called to live fully human lives as the Body of Christ alive in the world today.

In today’s Gospel passage on the good Samaritan, the Gospel challenges us to take our faith to a deeper level. We are called to love God with all our heart, soul and being, and this love is to be demonstrated not only in how we relate to ourselves but in how we relate to our neighbour.

Jesus wants us to be aware that his Spirit of love is being expressed in the world by people we might even hold in contempt. There are no limits to God’s love, and God will always find a way to break through the barriers of our fear and prejudice.

This challenge may seem overwhelming, but we are not alone; we are one in Christ. Let us encourage and support each other through prayer, confident that God’s law of love will be our guide.

Excerpted from the scripture reflection Prepared by St Beuno’s Outreach in the Diocese of Wrexham available at www.australiancatholics.com.au