You cannot be slaves of God and money.

You cannot be slaves of God and money.

In today’s gospel is the story of a man looking after himself and his family when he was losing a job. He let some debtors off the interest on a bill owed to his master so that they would look after him later. Jesus doesn’t recommend dishonesty but recommends that we be as concerned for goodness as he was for dishonesty. The children of the world are clever – could we be as enthusiastic?

The parable is a Jesus’ gentle humorous way saying that we have to deal with life as it is, and it would be great that we would be as passionate in the cause of good as your man was in looking after himself! Jesus used this situation to teach us a lesson about money and God; he uses many situations to widen our view of God who is total love, total mercy, and total forgiveness. Let’s leave judgment to him and widen the compassion of our hearts.

The parable makes us think that we get into messy situations, and this man was trying to do his best. Probably letting the debtors off the huge interest and on what was owed, and which had been got in corrupt dealings! God is bigger than any of our small laws and rituals.

The message as well is to use money in the service of God, ‘tainted though it is’. We know how our wealth and prosperity can lead to greed or corruption, or to improving the lives of others. As with all we have, all is gift and to be used for the common good.