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Parish Newsletter, Pentecost - B, 24th May 2015

Jesus did predict the coming of the Spirit

“No-one could say that Jesus had failed to forewarn the disciples that the Spirit would come and yet, most of the Gospel accounts of their life after the Resurrection suggest that they did not really expect anything to happen. Two began the journey back to Emmaus, others hid behind closed doors and later went back to the nets they had so impetuously left a few years before. Jesus had told them the Spirit would come - but everyday life seemed to go on as normal and, quite frankly, the disciples were probably glad of the anonymity for a while: As Jesus had also said, ‘if the authorities treat me as they will, how will they treat you?’
“And so, the fishermen continued to fish - and life passed - until one day, they and the other apostles came together. Earlier in Acts, we are told that they met to pray with Mary and ‘certain women’ - a gathering of people who had been with Jesus during his ministry, who had seen him die and seen him rise to new life. What was it in their prayer in that gathering that opened the way for the Spirit to come upon them. As the wind blew through the house - and fire fell upon their heads, did they need Mary to discern what was happening and echo words from her own overshadowing by the Spirit: ‘Don’t be afraid?’
“Suddenly, the prophecy of Jesus in today’s Gospel comes true - the Spirit of truth does come upon the apostles and a secretive gathering of people explodes onto the unsuspecting streets of Jerusalem. There the Truth is proclaimed to anyone who has ears to listen. This Truth is not reserved for a closed group of people but is to be proclaimed to the whole world. The Truth is not limited to a language - everyone can perceive this truth in their own tongue. The Truth is not to be hidden in code - available only to those initiated into its intricacies - but open for anyone who dared to look."

 --   (From a reflection on the Gospel by Catherine McElhinney and Kathryn Turner)


Parish Newsletter, Ascension - B, 17th May 2015

Look forward to what the Father promises

“From the moment of his resurrection triumph, the Saviour was living in the bosom of the Father.  The faith of the Church had its beginnings in meetings with the Risen Lord – in which he ‘showed himself alive’ and ‘told them about the kingdom of God’ - preparing them for the great mission that would be theirs.
 “Jesus is not abandoning his friends. On the contrary, he tells them to look forward to ‘what the Father has promised’. When they are ‘baptised with the Holy Spirit’ – the Spirit who is the very expression of the life he shares with the Father – he will be with them in all that they are called to be and do.  The Lord's new presence will fill with new life the Church which is about to be launched forth on its mission - to bring the power and blessings of the Lord's Paschal Mystery ‘to the ends of the earth’ (Luke), ‘to all creation’ (Mark).
“According to the Gospel of Luke the angels tell the disciples not to seek the Lord ‘in the sky’, but to take up the mission they have received, to be his ‘witnesses’ throughout their world.  The era of the pilgrim Church that is about to begin – the angels tell them - will end when Jesus returns, and the Church's life in faith and sacraments gives way to the absolute fulfilment of the final Kingdom.”

 --   From a homily by Fr John Thornhill, sm


Church Preparation for Mass/Altar Setters - Roster (24 May - 9 Aug 2015)

The 24 May 2015 to 9 August 2015 roster for the preparation of church for mass / altar setters is now available. 



Liturgy Roster (24 May - 9 Aug 2015)

The new liturgy roster is available for Proclaimers of the Word (Readers) and Extraordinary Eucharistic Ministers.

If you cannot be present for your rostered mass, please arrange directly with another person.

<Click here for Liturgy Roster (24 May 2015 - 9 August 2015)>


Parish Newsletter, 6th Sunday of Easter - B, 10th May 2015

Love is a call to action

“Jesus did not mean these passages for his follower's comfort. Jesus used the passages to challenge his disciples. In the culture of Jesus' time, status and reputation stood above accomplishment. It did not matter what someone did. What others said about him did matter. If someone did engage in activity, his efforts were only meant for self-glorification. Through the eyes of many Jews, God blessed his faithful with economic abundance, natural ability, and impeccable reputation. The poor, the lame, and the sinner were to be shamed and avoided.”
“This description might be over-simplified and almost a caricature, but it does point out an immature spirituality that existed in the time of Jesus, as well as today. The words of Jesus challenged the notions of blessing some followers had. Jesus never said, ‘Blessed are the rich and self-important who stand over you with spiritual advice.’ He did say, ‘Love one another.’
“Love did not mean a warm, comforting feeling. It meant to help others in need. In other words, Jesus turned the conventional wisdom upside down. Action (‘love’ as serving those in need) stood above status and reputation. In fact, such action was the key to a growing relationship with God.”

 --   From a reflection on the Gospel by Larry Broding, from The Word Sunday website.


Parish Newsletter, 5th Sunday of Easter - B, 3rd May 2015

Life of a disciple is one of graft and drawing closer  

“The vine was another of Jesus’ favourite images for himself and he uses it to help his disciples understand the closeness of their relationship. They were not simply rabbi and disciples but their lives were mutually dependent - as close as a vine and its branches.

 “To produce fruit true to type, a vine is grafted onto a strong rootstock - two plants, in effect become one. The rootstock goes deep into the ground drawing up the nutrients the plant needs. In their turn, the branches grow from the main plant and break into leaf and tendril. The problem is that, left to themselves, the branches will grow and grow... this may be a joy to watch and a fine example of exuberant growth but it is, unfortunately, at the expense of any grapes that may be trying to grow on the vine. The plant is so busy sending energy to the farthest reaches of the branches that the poor grapes get by-passed!

 “So, it is necessary for the vine-dresser to curb the branches’ enthusiasm: the branches are pruned back almost to the grapes so that the energy is channelled into fruitfulness and not into foliage! At the same time, any branches not bearing fruit are removed - again so that the plant’s energy is directed to its fruit.”

 --   From the Wellsprings website


Altar Servers Roster for April 2015

Dear Altar Servers,

The roster for April 2015 is now available. 

As usual, please organise directly with another altar server to fill in for you if you are unable to serve. 

God Bless,