Stations of the Cross

Every Sunday of Lent 5:45pm 

Lenten Pilgrimage to
Bacchus Marsh 
12 Apr 9am

Palm Sunday Procession, 13 Apr

Lenten Reconciliation, 14 Apr

Holy Thursday, 17 Apr
7:30pm Mass of the Lord's Supper

Good Friday, 18 Apr
11am Station of the Cross
3pm Passion of the Lord

Holy Saturday, 19 Apr
7:30pm Easter Vigil

Easter Sunday, 20 Apr
Masses at 8am, 10am 
No evening 5pm Mass

Easter Monday, 21 Apr
No mass

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Mon: 9:00am
Tue: 7:30pm (followed by Adoration, Divine Mercy & Benediction)
Wed, Thu & Fri: 9:00am

20mins before all weekday masses

Tue 7:00pm,  Sat 9:00am

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Parish Newsletter, Easter Sunday - A, 20th April 2014


‘Mary does not understand what the empty tomb means. How could she? Her conclusion that his body has been stolen makes the best sense of what she sees, and so her love seems to be frustrated; it has reached a dead end. But we know what will happen next - she will encounter the risen Christ in the garden, and he will call her by her name, and she will understand. When this happens, she will know that her love for Christ is not blocked but re-directed.

It is not that Jesus’ body no longer matters. On the contrary, it matters all the more, for now it is not only a living but a life-giving body, a glorified body that must be served in new ways. The oils and spices can be left behind, for the loving service that Mary Magdalene must offer to the body of Christ is one that will impel her far from this garden of the dead, to serve Christ in the new garden of Eden which is the Church.’


Church Preparation for Mass/Altar Setters - Roster (27 April - 13 July 2014)

The 27 April 2014 to 13 July 2014 roster for the preparation of church for mass / altar setters is now available. 



Parish Newsletter, Palm Sunday - A, 13th April 2014

Even when confronted by death, Jesus said ‘thy will be done’

‘Maximus the Confessor saw in Jesus's struggle the final and most stark test of his obedience. In his view, our wills were created to be in harmony with the divine will. When we sin, our wills are disordered, no longer being in 

harmony with God's will. The ultimate test of Jesus's obedience then, is depicted here in his prayer: praying first that if it is possible, that this cup pass; and then, nevertheless, that the Father's will be done. St Matthew shows how this prayer of Jesus is patterned on the one Jesus has taught to his disciples earlier, the Lord's prayer, perhaps so affirming that Jesus's relationship to the Father remained consistent throughout his life unto death.’ 

- Fr Gregory Murphy OP

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Parish Newsletter, 5th Sunday of Lent - A, 6th April 2014

‘In spite of all our efforts, we cannot escape death. How we face death, however, can help determine our quality of life. Does the end of life give us despair or hope? In the story of Lazarus, John challenges us to see hope in death through the eyes of faith.

The loss of a loved one can bring despair in the loss, or it can bring hope found in the resurrection. Our hope depends upon our faith in Christ. Is our faith active, seeking a closer walk with the Lord? Or, is the Lord at a comfortable distance of our choosing? Remember, how we live reflects how we view death.’ 

Larry Broding, From the Word-Sunday

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Altar Servers Roster for April 2014

Dear Altar Servers,

The roster for April 2014 is now available. 

As usual, please organise directly with another altar server to fill in for you if you are unable to serve. 

God Bless,



Parish Newsletter, 4th Sunday of Lent - A, 30th March 2014


For the Pharisees, the blind man must be a sinner, or his parents. Jesus by healing him on the Sabbath day, breaks the Law, therefore Jesus is a sinner. They see only the letter of the Law, not its true spirit.

The man is not blind because of sin, but to show forth the glory of God. Physically blind, he comes to profess his belief in Jesus as the Christ. 'Lord I believe'. He came to the true sight of faith in the Lord of life. 'As long as the day lasts, I must carry out the will of the one who sent me; the night will soon be here when no one can work. As long as I am in the world, I am the light of the world'. The call to all of us is to share in his work, by being the light of the world in our time. We have one life span and are asked to make the best of it.’.

Extract from "Blind Man", sermon by Aelred Connelly O.P.

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Parish Newsletter, 3rd Sunday of Lent - A, 23rd March 2014


The woman’s reaction to her enlightenment was a reminder to those who had found faith in Christ that they too were called to be missionaries. And this reminder has a sharp edge. It is not easy for us, today, to appreciate the bitterness of the estrangement between Jews and Samaritans – though the shocking conflicts of recent times may help us to understand the violent attitudes that divided these two groups. Of the Synoptic Gospels, Luke alone – the Gentile convert - shows any sympathy for the Samaritans. A missionary outreach to these people, therefore, must have seemed almost unthinkable to early Christians, most of who were from a Jewish background. The attitude of Jesus, and the success he had in this chance meeting with Samaritans, was an encouragement for them to take up the Church’s mission, even though the difficulties seemed insurmountable.

Extract from "The Emmaus Series", John Thornhill sm

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