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Altar Servers Roster for August 2014

Dear Altar Servers,

The roster for August 2014 is now available. 

As usual, please organise directly with another altar server to fill in for you if you are unable to serve. 

God Bless,



Parish Newsletter, 17th Sunday in Ordinary Time - A, 27th July 2014


'The parables of the treasure in the field and the pearl of great price emphasize this need for conversion. Identification with the ways of God that shape the Kingdom must be unconditional. In our Australian land, buried treasure is the stuff of fairy tales; but in Palestine, with its long history of kingdoms and empires, the possibility of finding a treasure trove was real. And if this happened, the treasure belonged to the owner of the site. One who had such a stoke of good fortune, Jesus says, would do all that he could to buy the field - and in a similar way, no other allegiance will rule the life of one who has found the joy of letting God’s word and God’s ways to be the measure of his or her life. The pearl for which the merchant sells everything has the same lesson. For ancient peoples, a pearl was the loveliest of possessions. The merchant of the parable will do whatever is necessary to acquire the pearl he has found that is without compare. This does not mean that he saw no beauty and value in the other pearls that he came across. Our choice of the values of the Kingdom does not mean that we should despise other worthy causes. The parable teaches us, however, that identifying with the Kingdom announced by Jesus means getting our priorities right.’

-- From a homily by John Thornhill sm

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Parish Newsletter, 16th Sunday in Ordinary Time - A, 20th July 2014

Be open to the weeds and the wheat

'While we must speak out for the truth, we may well be tempted to emphasize our faithfulness by our impatience and intolerance towards those who do not journey with us. The parable of Jesus warns us that this is not God’s way. The reading from the book of Wisdom shows us that, as the Old Testament was drawing to a close, devout thinkers in old Israel were recognizing that the virtuous person must be kindly to others, learning from the mysterious patience of God. 

Only the Lord of the harvest – whose grace is at work in a hidden way in every human heart – can sort out the good from the bad when all is gathered in at the end. We who are blessed with the gift of faith must prepare for the final harvest by becoming an exemplary crop ourselves. There is a lesson here, also, for those who belong to the new movements emerging in the today’s Church. They must avoid a sectarian spirit that would see their way as the only way. There is room in God’s Church for many spiritualities and traditions. True ‘catholicity’ shows an openness to this.’

-- From a homily by John Thornhill sm

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Parish Newsletter, 15th Sunday in Ordinary Time - A, 13th July 2014


‘The key word today is ‘hear’. It is a very scriptural word and contains essentially four elements:

- to listen with a totally open and unconditional mind 

      (“Blessed are the pure in heart for they shall see God”)

- to understand what one hears

- to accept and appropriate fully what one understands and, finally,

- this acceptance flows out into our behaviour.

One can listen but not understand and one can understand without accepting and one can accept without implementing. All four are necessary for conversion and healing. All four are necessary for full hearing.'  

-- An extract from a reflection on today’s Gospel, by the Jesuits at Living Space

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Church Preparation for Mass/Altar Setters - Roster (20 July - 5 October 2014)

The 20 July 2014 to 5 October 2014 roster for the preparation of church for mass / altar setters is now available. 



Parish Newsletter, 14th Sunday in Ordinary Time - A, 6th July 2014


Far too many young people who put on ‘yokes’. 

Oxen tied to yokes have no freedom. They go where the farmer commands – just like people with bad habits or addictions.

The yoke of sex addiction can develop when people seek out sex no matter what the risks might be.

The yoke of alcoholism can take hold of some young people who make alcohol a focus of their social life.

The yoke of habitual dishonesty destroys a person’s inner character and outer reputation. It can develop quickly from little lies and ‘borrowed’ homework.

This week Jesus invites us to take his yoke. "Let me and my teachings guide every decision you make", he pleads. "I’ll lead you to peace and meaning in this life and union with God in the next one". 

He’s right, you know. We still struggle against him, at times, even going way off course. But he always gently pulls us back. And as we’ve let him guide us, we’ve found rest (meaning, happiness, friendships) that other yokes just can’t offer.

Examine your life this week. See if you are tying yourself to a yoke that could hurt you. If so, ask Jesus for help to break free. Then take on his yoke. You’ll never look back with regret.

Do you make any regular choices that could develop into bad habits or addictions that could hurt you or others?  

--  Adapted from newsletter by GPBS NSW

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Powerpoint Operator Roster (July-Sept 2014)

The July - September 2014 roster for powerpoint operators is available.

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