The Real Presence

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The last two precious gifts given to us by Jesus are the Holy Eucharist as our spiritual food on Holy Thursday and Jesus’ mother Mary as our spiritual Mother on Good Friday.

Today’s feast is the celebration of the abiding presence of a loving God as Emmanuel – God is with us – in order to give collective thanks to our Lord for his living with us in the Eucharist. It also gives us an occasion to learn more about the importance and value of the “Real Presence” so that we may appreciate it and better and receive maximum benefit from the Sacrament.

As we celebrate this feast, let us be Christ-bearers and conveyers: By receiving Holy Communion, we become Christ-bearers as Mary was, with the duty of conveying Christ to others at home and in the workplace, through love, mercy, forgiveness and humble and sacrificial service.

Let us offer our lives on the altar along with Jesus’ sacrifice, asking pardon for our sins, expressing gratitude for the blessings we have received and presenting our needs and petitions on the altar and by receiving him with due preparation in Holy Communion.

Excerpted from the Homily of Fr Tony Kadavil available at